The Rainbow Fish Sofa Cozy
The Rainbow Fish Sofa Cozy
The Rainbow Fish Sofa Cozy
Celestial Cozies

The Rainbow Fish Sofa Cozy

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This cozy is so beautiful with these rich, dark colors. It’s 5’W x 6’L (7’L with fringe). It’s made with a double knit stitch so it’s nice and fluffy!
Premium Quality Guarantee

Skeins are stitched together from end to end; there are no knots to come undone.

Original Handmade With Love

Each Cozy is completely handmade and unique, and can be customized to your liking.

Prayer Changes Everything

I pray over each Cozy before it comes into your home so while it keeps you cozy it blesses you as well! 

Free Shipping

All shipping is free except custom orders which will be based on weight and discussed before the order is placed.

100% Money Back Guarantee

 If not completely satisfied, upon return of an undamaged blanket within 30 days of delivery, I will refund your money.

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